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Connecting Phrases For Essays

1) Agreement, Addition, or Similarity 2) Sequence or Time 3) Contradiction or Opposition 4) Cause and Effect 5) Examples, Support, or Emphasis 6) Location, Space/Place, or Time 7) Conclusion, Clarification, or Summary List of Transitional words and phrases Agreement, Similarity, or Addition. in the first place moreover as well as

  • Another popular way of connecting sentences is through the use of punctuation marks—namely colons and semicolons. When using this method, it is important to keep in mind how the connecting sentences are related. For instance, colons should introduce a list, example, or explanation of the previous idea.

  • Connecting Words – Reference. Function: To a relationship between continuing ideas presented in your essay. As applied to; As far as; Concerning; Considering; In connection to; In terms; Pertaining to; Regarding; Some examples of these.

  • Condition connectors are words or phrases that show a condition or requirement. Here are some examples: Unless you study hard, you’ll never pass the test. If it starts to rain, we’ll have to go inside. 5) Addition. Addition connectors express addition or increase. Here are some examples: furthermore, moreover, and in addition.

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